Plugin JoomTut Alias

JoomTut Alias is a simple plugin for Joomla! This plugin will convert Accent Alphabet and Cyrillic Alphabet titles into Latin Alphabet alias. It has built-in Vietnamese language and it also allows you to add your custom text or other languages.

Plugin JoomTut Alias

Plugin JoomTut Alias Features

  • Alias auto generate
  • Vietnamese alias
  • Other language alias
  • Compatible with Joomla! 3.x

Download Plugin JoomTut Alias

Download plugin JoomTut Alias

Plugin JoomTut Alias Documentation

1. Install the plugin JoomTut Alias via Joomla! Extensions -> Manage -> Install.

2. Go to Extensions -> Plugins then open the plugin System - JoomTut Alias and Enabled this plugin.

Enabled plugin JoomTut Alias

3. Keep all default settings and click Save & Close

Keep all default settings and click Save & Close

If you have installed the plugin JoomTut Alias, you don't need to remove it, just install the new version and open it then click Save to apply the new features. Your plugin will be update and your old settings will be kept.

Please back up your website before making any changes.

1. If you create a new menu, category, article,... just enter Title and leave the Alias field blank.

2. If you edit an existing menu, category, article,... just clean all text in the Alias field.

3. Click Save or Save & Close. The alias will be automatically generated after save

The alias will be automatically generated after save 

1. Open the plugin System - JoomTut Alias then go to Options tab.

2. Change Other Languages Alias to Yes

3. Enter your text to alias. Syntax: 'text'=>'alias' Multi text separated by commas: 'text1'=>'alias1','text2'=>'alias2'



plugin JoomTut Alias with other langguage  

4. Click Save & Close.