What is the JT Google Maps

JT Google Maps is a module for Joomla! This module displays Google Maps on your website. You can selectable to display your location with image, title, informations,... You can also search for other locations.

JT Contact Map

JT Contact Map Options

Module JT Google Maps Features

  • Display Google Maps or your location on the contact page.
  • Use Google Maps API V3.
  • Adjust maps width and height.
  • Auto/Custom maps language.
  • Zoom/Pan/Wheel control.
  • Maps type selectable.
  • Display your image on maps.
  • Display your location's title.
  • Display your location's information.
  • Search for other locations
  • Display reset button
  • Custom CSS.
  • Support the most common browser with latest version.
  • Compatible with Joomla! 3.x

New features from previous version

  • Optimize code and fixed bugs.
  • Fix link to get language code.

Module JT Google Maps Demo

Module JT Google Maps Live Demo

Download Module JT Google Maps

Download module JT Google Maps

Module JT Google Maps Documentation

Install the module JT Google Maps

Install the module JT Google Maps via Joomla! Extensions -> Manage -> Install.

How to display module Google Maps on your website

1. Goto Extensions -> Modules and open the module JT Google Maps.

2. Enable (Published) the module JT Google Maps.

3. Select Position to display the module JT Google Maps.

4. Enter Google Maps API Key V3 for your domain.

5. Setting the plugin's parameters as you want.

6. Enter your location information.

7. Save & Close.

How to get Google Maps API Key V3 for your domain

Please go here to get Google Maps API Key V3 for your domain: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key

How to get the coordinates of your location

1. Please go to https://maps.google.com

2. Search for your location on the map

3. Right-click on your location.

4. Select What's here?. The coordinates will appear in the info box at the bottom of the page. The string before the comma is the Latitude. The string after the comma is the Longitude.

Videos Clip

Videos tutorial how to install and using module JT Google Maps


The map not display on your website

1. Make sure the module JT Google Maps is published on a visible position.

2. Open the module JT Google MapsMake then go to Menu Assignment tab and select All Pages or the page(s) you want to display this module in Module Assignment

The maps displays on your website but not show your location

1. Check your Google Maps API Key to make sure it's correct.

2. Check your Google Maps API Key setting to make sure it accept your domain.