What is the Module Buaxua Calendar

BuaXua Calendar is a module for Joomla! It can display the date, live time clock and events on your website. You can set up the Events, Festival, Special Day,... and each event can be linked to an article or a website. This module can also display quotations or any text randomly.

Module BuaXua Calendar

Module BuaXua Calendar Styles Setting

Module BuaXua Calendar Month and Year Setting

Module BuaXua Calendar Date Setting

Module BuaXua Calendar Clock Setting

Module BuaXua Calendar Events Setting

Module BuaXua Calendar Random Text Setting

Module BuaXua Calendar Features

  • Show current date and live time clock.
  • Change date name in your way.
  • Display to day event.
  • Open events list in popup window.
  • Event can be linked to your article or web page.
  • Show random text if no event.
  • Setting time zone
  • Show/Hide digital clock
  • 12/24 hours digital clock
  • Preset styles for calendar and clock
  • Custom color and CSS override
  • Background image for calendar
  • Support the most common browser with latest version
  • Compatible with Joomla! 3.x and 4.x

New features from previous version

  • Add more features.
  • Fixed displaying not correctly on some website.
  • Fixed the module can not display because of a conflict with other extensions.
  • Fixed bugs and optimize code.

Module BuaXua Calendar Demo

BuaXua Calendar Live Demo

Download Module BuaXua Calendar

Download Module BuaXua Calendar

Module BuaXua Calendar Documentation

Install the module BuaXua Calendar

1. Install the module BuaXua Calendar via Joomla! Extensions -> Manage -> Install.

2. Goto Extensions -> Module andc(Published) the module BuaXua Calendar on the position of your template.

3. Select Menu Assignment for the module BuaXua Floating to All Pages.

4. Setting your time zone for the Calendar.

5. Change the settings of the calendar as you want.

6. Save & Close.

7. Clear your Joomla! cache and your Browser cache.

8. Go to your site then refresh your browser. If you see the calendar on your website, this module works well on your site. If not, please view Troubleshooting below.

Upgrade the module BuaXua Calendar Free to Pro

If you have installed the module BuaXua Calendar Free, you don't need to remove it, just install the module BuaXua Calendar Pro and open it then click Save to apply the Pro features. Your module will be upgraded to Pro and your old settings will be kept.

How to display display events on your calendar

1. Open module BuaXua Calendar and go to Events Settings

2. Enter your date and event in Events box with syntax:

mmdd:events or mmdd:events text:http://your-full-link if you want linked your event to a page or URL.

mm is 2 digits of the month and dd is 2 digits of the day.

3. Save & Close the module BuaXua Calendar.

6. Clear your Joomla! cache and your Browser cache then refresh your page. Now your events display on your website.

How to use multiple calendars on your website

You can copy or duplicate this module and then publish them with different settings on different pages.

Please note that only one module works on the same page.

Videos Clip

Videos tutorial how to install and using module Buaxua Calendar


The module BuaXua Calendar does not display on your website

Make sure the module BuaXua Calendar is published and select Menu Assignment for the module BuaXua Floating to All Pages or the page you want to display this module.

does not work on the website with JCH Optimize plugin installed

1. Go to Extensions -> Plugins then open the plugin named System - JCH Optimize

2. Go to Exclude Options tab then set Exclude all internal SCRIPT declarations to Yes.

The module BuaXua Floating is displaying incorrectly on your website

Please set Load jQuery option in the module BuaXua Calendar to Yes.

The module BuaXua Floating is displaying incorrectly time and clock

Please change Select your time zone option in the module BuaXua Calendar to your time zone.

The module BuaXua Floating not display correctly on Internet Explorer browser

1. Go to Extentions -> Templates -> templates -> Click on your template name

2. Click to open the file named index.php in left column.

  • Find:
  • Affter add:
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1">
  • Your code looks like this:
   <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1">
   <jdoc:include type="head" />

3. Click Save & Close