Want to learn the ABC's of website creation? Congrats! You just stumble upon one of the few tutorial sites that encourage you to get the facts before you create a website. Too many people rush into the creation process and make costly mistakes..

No need to pay for books to learn how to build a website and make money online. The only guide you will ever need is right here and it's free!

What you need to build your website?

There are some things you absolutely must have to build a website or a blog:

  1. A domain name (yoursite.com or yoursite.net, etc.). Read more about: What is domain name and How to choose a Domain Name
  2. A web host to store and publish your website. Read more about: What is the web server and what is the web hosting?
  3. Your Website (a static or dynamic web page). Read more about: What is the difference between static and dynamic websites?

How to create a website?

There are many ways to create a web page. You can create static web pages with the word processing program simple (eg notepad) or other professional programs. Creating dynamic web pages is more difficult. You need to know about web programming (php, asp,...).

However, there is a very easy way to create a web page using a free CMS (Content Magement System) like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress,... These are commonly used CMS to create website. This site (joomtut.com) you are visiting is using Joomla!

Some hosting is also available to assist you install CMS with a few simple clicks.

If you want to create a site using Joomla! you can start from our Joomla! Tutorials. You will see all of our instructions to get a web page as you want, very easy to do and this is completely free.