A database is a way to store lots of information. You might want to store the names and addresses of all your contacts, or maybe customer information. One of the easiest way to create a database is through phpMyAdmin, which is available on most hosts that offer MySQL databases.

Creating new database on localhost using phpMyAdmin 

Make sure you start your web server before creating a database.

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  1. Point your browser to phpMyAdmin address by typing http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  2. In phpMyAdmin, click on Databases tab.
  3. Enter the name of new database that you want created.
  4. you may also need to select the collation for the database. Please select the collation match your language. If you do not know what to select, you can select utf8_general_ci or leave default (Collation).
  5. Click Create button.

Create new database using phpMyAdmin
Create new database using phpMyAdmin

Database created
Database created
  • Remember that on localhost, database server is localhost, the default username is root and no password.