I had a menu item (GETTING HERE) pointing to /getting-here.html, with getting-here as the alias.
I needed to update the page replacing the article with a component based page - I deleted the article by unpublishing it, then I removed it from the site by trashing the article so it was no longer in the database.

However, I tried to save my newly built component page with the same title and alias as the previous article - Every time I've saved the component version of the page I get a 'save failed because the menu item and alias already exist.' message

As an interim solution, I've had to call the menu DIRECTIONS and the page /directions.html with an alias directions, but I'd really prefer to keep the URL as '/getting here.html'

Is this something new to J2.54 or are there other ways to remove the previous references or overwrite the old one?


After delete an article (or menu item), choose Trashed in "Select Status" drop-down list -> Select deleted item(s) -> click Empty trash