Done all the usual things but site still slow- need ideas.

Caching all on, unused extensions removed or disabled, db optimized, old files removed from server, few http objects.

The server itself is very fast - have checked PHP and DB.

It's something about Joomla. And it's much worse with J1.6 than my older J1.5 sites.

Anything else I can do? If means a hack or two, that's ok. The sites are as I want them and will not need altering; just need a decent response time. It is the initial lag before the page starts loading that is the main problem. What is Joomla doing all that time? Even a reload can take 2 seconds to respond; if I've not ben to the site for a while, it can take 20 seconds to respond !

  1. Checking external script, resources... (google analytics, Alexa, counter,...)
  2. Remove any unused script in your template, extensions,...
  3. Optimal your images to decrease size.
  4. Upgrade your hosting to Pro or VPS.

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