What is Xmap

Xmap is a powerful site map generator for Joomla! CMS. Xmap allows you to create a map of your site using the structure of your menus. It not only generates a site map for the users, but also it's able to dynamically generate a XML sitemap to use with Google, Bing and other spiders/robots.

Xmap create the site map based on the menus of your site. You can add as many menus you want to the site map and arrange them as you like. Also, you can create any number of site maps with different options for each.

Xmap features

  • Capability to create more than one sitemap with different preferences for each sitemap.
  • Generation of XML Sitemaps (For Google, Yahoo and many others search engines).
  • Nice presentation of the XML sitemap on browsers.
  • Native compatibility with Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 (2.5).
  • You can specify the priority and change frequency params for each menu and even, for each link in your sitemap directly from the XML sitemap view when logged in as a super administrator.
  • You can manually exclude any item from your sitemap from the HTML view of your sitemap.
  • Support for Google News sitemap standard.
  • Many extensions available to include third party components in your sitemap.
  • XML sitemap compression support.
  • Shows some statistical information for each sitemap:
  • Las visit date.
  • Number of links generated on the last visit.
  • Number of visits.

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Install and using component Xmap in Joomla! 2.5