What is Maxi Menu CK

Maximenu CK is a module which can create a multicolumns megamenu for Joomla! with some nice mootools effects. You can organise your menu as you want with the multiple options and optional graphic themes.

Maxi Menu CK features

  • Multicolumns and multirows
  • Fancy effect on first level items (floating cursor)
  • Mootools dropdown effects
  • Multiple usage on the same page
  • Description under each link
  • Graphic themes (packages to install)
  • Modules load in the menu
  • HTML architecture for rounded styles (menu, sub-menus and fancy)
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Opacity effect on rollover
  • MVC structure
  • SEO optimization (HTML coded links)
  • Overflow detection for left direction rollover
  • Image without text
  • Rollover on mouseover, on mouseclick, opening on mouseover and closing onclick
  • iPhone, iPad, and Android compatibility
  • Compatibility with Virtuemart, can automatically list the product categories (needs the patch)
  • Compatibility with Hikashop, can automatically list the product categories (needs the patch)

Maxi Menu CK demo and Documentation



Maxi Menu CK download

You can download the latest stable version of Maxi Menu CK at http://www.joomlack.fr/en/joomla-extensions/maximenu-ck

Install and using Maxi Menu CK in Joomla! 2.5