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What's JT Contact Map Plugin

JT Contact Map is a plugin for Joomla! This plugin displays your location on the contact page. You can selectable to display your location with image, title, informations, reset map,....


  • Use Google Maps API V3.
  • Display Google Maps.
  • Adjust map width and height.
  • Auto/Custom map language.
  • Zoom/Pan/Wheel control.
  • Map type selectable.
  • Display your location on map.
  • Display an image for your location.
  • Display your location's title.
  • Display your location's information.
  • Display reset button.
  • Custom CSS.

JT Contact Map
JT Contact Map

JT Contact Map Options
JT Contact Map Options


Live Demo

Documentation & Video clip


1/ Install this module via Joomla! extensions Manager.

2/ Enable (Published) this Module in Module Manager.

3/ Change the settings of this module as you want.

How to use:

JT Contact Map Options
JT Contact Map Options

  1. Install and published JT Google Map Plugin.
  2. Get Google Maps API Key V3 for your domain at: 
  3. Enter your API key to Google API Key field.
  4. Setting the plugin's parameters. 
  5. Setting your location to display on the map.
  6. Go to Component -> Contact, open your contact.
  7. Add {jt_contact_map} where you want to display your map (e.g. Other Information, Address, Country, Tel, Fax,...).

JT Contact Map Tag
JT Contact Map Tag

Videos tutorial how to install and using plugin JT Contact Map in Joomla! 2.5



Plugin JT Contact Map for Joomla! 1.5

Price: Free


Plugin JT Contact Map for Joomla! 2.x - 3.x

Price: Free


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