What is Joom!Fish?

JoomFish is the solution for your multilingual website if control over the translations matters for you. The core extension is free of charge and allows the translation of any content within your Joomla system. With an easy extension it is also possible to translate any 3rd party extension available for your favored CMS.

Joom!Fish features

Fallback languages

  • People's second language varies by country and by first language - this is is especially true of minority languages or the languages of smaller nations. In many countries English is the second language but in other places it is French, Spanish, Russian etc..
  • You can now configure Joomfish to specify a fallback language for each language. What this means in practice is that if a translation doesn't exist in the initial language then the fallback language is used instead - so, for example, for "Welsh" you could specify a fallback language of "English" and "Bretton" a fallback language of "French".
  • This increases the likelihood that material is immediately offered in at least the second language of a visitor instead of assuming they can deal with English.
  • Sharp witted readers may realise that this feature offers a lot more possibilities than meet the eye - but more of that in another blog entry.

Whole site preview of inactive translations

  • When you first add a new language to a site there's not much translated and you don't really want the public at large to see you work in progress - you would though like to start seeing the site in action. This is especially important when you add your first UTF-8 language or rtl language.
  • Well with Joomfish 1.8 this is now all changed - you have a new configuration option that allows you to make inactive languages visible in the frontend for logged in users who are managers, administrators and super administrators. In other words you can preview and test out the whole site in a new language before going live to the public!

Side by side translation preview

  • If your language has gone live you don't have the option of previewing a transltion in situ so what do you do when you are translating a content item and wished you could see how the formatting looks compared with the original. WYSIWYG editors are very powerful and useful but there's nothing quite like seeing a translation using the template style sheet side by side with the original.
  • Well with Joomfish 1.8 you can - just hit the preview toolbar icon at any time when you are translating a content item and you'll get a popup window whoing with original version alongside the translation. You'll then hopefully spot some of those annoying paragraphs tags or inappropriate style settings added by your WYSIWYG editor.

Alternative language content bot

  • If using fallback languages doesn't suite your situation the the alternative language content bot could be what you need.
  • When you visit a Joomfish site and want to read an article in your language and find that its not translated, have you ever wished you could see which languages that particular article is translated into. Well now sites can be configured to do just that.
  • Select this option in the Joomfish configuration changes what your visitors see when open a page where a content item is not translated into their chosen language. Instead of showing the default language or a message saying "sorry guys - there is no translation" they can now be shown a list of languages/flags corresponding to translations that do exist. So if your visitor is Estonian who's second language is Maltese they will quickly be able to see if a Maltese translation is available and be able to click through to it straight away.

Joom!Fish demo


Joom!Fish download

You can download the latest stable version of Joom!Fish at http://www.joomfish.net/en/downloads

Don't forget to visit Joom!Fish extensions for more Features & Extensions. 

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