What is eXtplorer

eXtplorer is a web-based File Management Component for all your needs. It has a desktop-application-like interface with drag&drop, grid and a directory tree and makes heavy use of the ExtJS Javascript Library.

You can use it to access and modify the files and directories on your server via FTP or direct file access.

eXtplorer features

The Main Features of eXtplorer are:

  • Copy & Move Files and Directories by Drag&Drop
  • Dynamic Directory Tree with on-demand loading of subdirectories
  • Edit Files (with Syntax-Highlighting thanks to EditArea)
  • Rename, Delete or Create new Files and Directories
  • Access Files through ''FTP'' or directly (using PHP) to totally overcome permission and file ownership issues
  • Upload or Download files just as you like
  • Create and Extract Archives (ZIP, Tar, Tar/GZ, Tar/BZ)
  • User Management with different permission levels like "View only" or "Edit" and "Admin"

eXtplorer demo

eXtplorer File Management
eXtplorer File Management

eXtplorer download

You can download the latest stable version of eXtplorer at http://extplorer.net/files

Install component eXtplorer in Joomla! 2.5