What is the Module Buaxua Calendar

The Module BuaXua Calendar is a module for Joomla! It can display the date with live time clock and events of the year on your website. You can set up the Events, Festival, Special day,... and each event can be linked to a URL. This module can also display text randomly, it is useful when you want to display messages, quotes, idioms,...

Module Buaxua Calendar

Module BuaXua Calendar Features

  • Display calendar with date and live time clock
  • Setting time zone
  • Display the events of the day
  • Event can be linked to URL
  • Display the events list
  • Open events list in popup window
  • Display random text
  • Change date name in your language
  • Show/Hide clock
  • 12/24 hours clock
  • Preset styles for the clock
  • Background image for calendar
  • Custom CSS and Bootstrap class
  • Support the most common browser with latest version
  • Compatible with Joomla! 4.x

Module BuaXua Calendar Demo

BuaXua Calendar Live Demo

Download Module BuaXua Calendar

Download Module BuaXua Calendar

Videos tutorial how to install and using module Buaxua Calendar

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